About us

Custom jewelry isn't just for the rich & famous. Just like anything new these days, it should be affordable & accessible to any & everyone who fancy such luxury. KING ME Custom Jewelry makes it easy to create custom from scratch and customizable fine jewelry, on-demand, and at affordable prices. 

01. Who We Are

Our founder & chief designer, Mia Campbell, has been in the jewelry business since 2011. She started out making fashion jewelry in her home and for friends, but it was not long before she learned the business of jewelry making and broke barriers to gain access to learn the ropes of the fine jewelry sector. With her background in business development, marketing, fashion & jewelry design, KING ME Custom Jewelry was born.

Mia prides herself on being a Black Female Jeweler, as it's not common for someone of her background to be afforded the necessary access to manufacture custom, high-quality jewelry in the United States. KING ME Custom Jewelry is an extension of this, offering access to fine, custom and customizable jewelry to everyone! KING ME Custom Jewelry makes having custom jewelry a norm, by making the process easy and the jewelry affordable.

02. What We Do

KING ME by PG designs and manufactures fine jewelry in Downtown LA- which compared to traditional jewelry brands such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier and more, is of the same quality from design to inception. What sets KING ME apart is that we offer such quality & luxury at a much more affordable price and more conveniently online! Our brand is inspired by the royal Egyptian culture, where women were kings, standards were high and everything was made of gold and fine jewels. From designs curated by our chief designer that you can customize any way you want, to designs you can create all on your own, we're everyone's personal jeweler. Let us crown you KING!